Saturday, 19 May 2007

Lily Allen Responds To Cheryl Cole...Again

Kaiser Chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson has described Cheryl Cole as a "k**bhead".

The singer was appalled when the Girls Aloud star called Lily Allen a "chick with a d**k"; a comment that Allen claims knocked her confidence and made her consider liposuction.

"The thing is, when you start seeing yourself on TV and in the papers and you get snide comments like those from k**bheads, you start doubting yourself. It's really hard not to give a damn. I've done it myself when I've seen pictures of me," Ricky said.

"Lily doesn't need lipo or surgery and she knows that, really. She is perfect as she is."

Meanwhile Lily Allen has responded to Cheryl Cole's latest comments as the war of words between the two singers continues.

Lily told The Mirror, "I never called Sarah Harding vile and I never said anything about Cheryl's husband. I did call Nicola [Roberts] ugly but that was at the beginning of my career. I couldn't remember her name so I said 'the ugly one in Girls Aloud'. I don't think she's ugly at all. On the whole, I am really supportive of other female artists. I just think that people should get on with each other."

Lily was thrilled to receive many messages of support after she admitted that her confidence was low because Cheryl had called her "a chick with a d**k".

"I'm over it, you know," she added. "I had 2,000 people email to tell me I had nothing to worry about and that I should be perfectly happy with the way I am. I care more about those people than what Cheryl Tweedy has to say."
Source: DigitalSpy